Improvment ideas?

I am new to this forum and i just received my vex starter kit along with a bunch of accessories. I was able to build a very cool robot but i was wondering if you guys had any ideas on how to improve it because my chassis design is very good and i will probably stick with it for a while but i am curious as to what i should put on it next, and how i should program it.

I have all of the following parts
1xVex starter Kit
4xSmall Omni Directional wheels
1xTank tread kit
1xProgramming kit(I am quite good at it now my last program for my robot was over 100 lines long)
1xOptical shaft encoder kit
1xLight sensor kit
1xSprocket and Chain kit
1xExtra gear kit
Total of 4 motors
Total of 2 servos

So you see what i have to work with. I am going to get many more parts for the vex as i am running out of metal pieces and the nuts and bolts as soon as vex reopens in like a week.

This is what i am getting

1xVex Tri pack, metal , hardware, and motion
1xAdvanced gear kit
1xRechargeable battery kit(I used the vex so much it already ate 18 battery’s in 3 days)
1xUltrasonic sensor kit

Now i watched every vex video on youtube and i have to say they are not that good at all. I already have a video that i am editing now of my robot navigating an obstacle course autonomously and it should be on youtube by Saturday morning. And i will post the link!

Wow, looks pretty cool!

One challenge idea:
I’m waiting to see someone build a robot which can climb stairs effectively, and open common house-hold door-knobs effectively. Something which would be able to roam all around a house.


ive figured out a way to do this but i dont have the metal :mad: :frowning:

try an omini drive

Check out the Mythbuster’s robot, their robot tank tread system would be a good start for a stair climbing robot.