In-Curcuit Debugging

I was wondering if your programming adapter supports in curcuit debugging, as well as direct Serial Comunications with the Vex Controller? I noticed the printf functions in the example code, and was wondering if you can directly comunicate with the robot using hyperterminal with your prototype adapter?

Also, I am still trying to figure out exactly what the Master MCU does, I assume that it handles the RC comunications, but does it handel any of the autonomous functions from the User MCU? Also, Is the Master MCU Code Available?

**No, the programming adapter does not support in-circuit debugging. It does support Serial Communications so you can use hyper terminal. You can debug using printf statements. When you load User Code to the Vex Controller using the IFI Loader, a window will pop-up that will display any printf statements executing in your code.

The Master Processor does handle all the radio communications as well as other overhead functions. It does not handle any of the Autonomous functions. The Master Code is proprietary and will not be released.**

Ricky Torrance
Electrical Engineer