In my code, if drivetrain crashes anything it stop

As i mentioned in the title, if my drivetrain crashes anything, it stop but i don’t want that. How can i disable this property?

How do you know it’s because of your code, not your motors, etc? Because with the little bit of information you provided, I have no way of knowing what could be the problem.

And also, how many motors are you driving with?

And also, is this autonomous or driver control?

And also, what do you mean by “stop”?

And also, if it’s driver control, how did you code your joysticks?

Also, can you share pictures of your robot and code? And when you say

Does this only happen if you crash into something that can’t move like the wall and platform? Or do you also stop if you crash into a mogo or ring? Can you send a video of your robot doing it’s auton?

And also you did not answer any of the questions in three days.

And also I think you do not need help any more.