in my opinion X-Drive/holonomic drive was better for Starstruck whats yours?

What are your thoughts on using an X-Drive this year?

I think that any wheelbase that allows strafing would be optimal this year, especially making minimal adjustments to your robot’s position to intake cones, as well as quickly maneuvering around other opponents. The only issue I see with these wheelbases is that in most cases you can only use 4 motors to power them, and the robots this year will be heavier this year, so you will have to gear them for torque instead of speed to prevent them from burning out.

I don’t think any vex game will require anything besides a tank drive. Tank drives always seem to be what’s good at the end of the aeason. Every year.

I agree. Everyone says that strafing is good every year, but its just never good enough to keep up with tank drives.

@Alumination Robotics i built a robot in a summer program with an x drive and our bot was not able to get over the starting bar/10 point zone.

@NyQuil and @bwilfong2018 I agree in starstruck i saw a lot of mecanum robots what is your take on those ?

they would be too slow for this game but the strafing would be good

Maybe a H-Drive?

the only problem I see with an H-drive would be to get the side ways wheel over the bump

Yah do you think mecanums could go over the bump?

I do think they can, I also think that the holonomic can too but it just goes back to the fact that you trade speed for mobility. I just prefer speed because I’m an aggressive driver

yah I found that my X-Drive robot went pretty fast with 1:1 but it could not go over the bump

what height are your c channels at

I don’t exactly what you are asking

for your drive frame we have ours at 1.5 inch off the ground and it clears the bump.

Since it was built at a summer program the robot is now disassembled but from what I can remember it was probably less than an inch high I suspect that the reason for it not going over the bunk was because since the wheels are two 45 degree angle they do not have the forward torque needed to go over the bump

Here is something I might want to build to solve that issue [ ](Something I might want to build to solve that issue )

I found this video of a prototype x drive

In my opinion tank drive will always be the best. Mecanum drive is even worse than x-drive.

Our teams brainstormed a number of drive types. They picked their top 4 and built them. Then they drove them around the field to see which one works better for this challenge. Nothing like trying it out for yourself. It quickly becomes apparent which drives are best and why when doing a side-by-side driving test like this.

So which one worked best?