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I see the White Amp in Left Background of Picture #3

I just found these on FaceBook today…





That’s a lot of pedals :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like the frig amp :stuck_out_tongue:

My FaceBook comment about the Pedals, “Does it Come with a Map, for the Grid Coordinate of a given Effect?”

I liked the Frig Amp too. I could see that in the Studio, right next to the real ones

Good comment :stuck_out_tongue:
That would be funny setting them right next to the real ones…

Do you play an Instrument, or some one else in your family??

I still Play BASS, I have a 4 String Peavey ( 1984 ) and a 5 String Ibanez ( 1991 ).

In the past, I played Clarinet, Alto Sax and Baritone Sax…

Yes, I play lots of stuff.

  1. Guitar (Not very well, but I can play)
  2. Piano (I can play this the best)
  3. Ukulele!!! (#lol, I was taught in FL.)
  4. Drums (I just started a year ago)
  5. Learning bass.

I also do Sound, and the media stuff at my church.

Wow!! That is quite a list… How are you liking Bass, compared to Guitar? I found Guitar too complicated, and found Bass much more my Style… :wink:

That Cool too… What type of Board do you use? How about Media?

My favorite Sound Board so far is the Allen-Heath GL3800, I used the 32 Channel version.

Where I am going to church now, we have a SoundCraft Spirit 4/2 Live. I really miss the flexibility of the GL3800… :frowning:

Um, bass is a lot easier than guitar. So I guess I like it more.

I use this sound board:

I don’t do a lot with media, but have done some video recording for services.

I am glad I am not the Only One who thinks Bass is easier than Guitar.

I think this was the Board that our Lead Sound guy was looking at for a replacement…

I help out occasionally with the Media Shout computer. The Media people don’t seem to want to trade jobs with me… All those Knobs and Sliders seem to put them off… :wink:


We used to use Media Shout, but got Macs and have started to use ProPresenter(works with MAC/PC) which is SO much better. I could recommend it if you ever change programs.

You both seem to be very musical, but your musicianship shall forever be limited so long as you cannot play the Trumpet, which is clearly the best instrument.

I beg to differ. I think the drums and ukulele are the best instruments :slight_smile: But, we are different people with different views :wink:

Typed on iPod
Forgive typos

I have a Two Valve Bugle, that I can almost make some Notes with…

Does that count?? Partial Credit??

I also have a Trombone, and a Melodica… And somewhere, a Chromatic Harmonica.