In search of: V5 beta kits, older equipment for 4-H robotics club and community outreach

The Sparks 4-H Tech Club (home to Team 24, The Super Sonic Sparks) is searching for older VEX equipment to support our club and community outreach efforts. If you have a V5 beta brain and/or controller, or even older Cortex/393 equipment, we’re looking to expand our equipment list. Things of special interest:

VEX ARM® Cortex®-based Microcontroller
VEXnet Joystick
VEXnet Key 2.0
393 Motors
V5 Beta Brain + Beta Controller

Whether donated or offered for sale, your unused equipment would get put to use to give the 50+ kids in our 4-H club the opportunity to do hands-on, STEM learning. In addition, we anticipate having more opportunities to engage various groups around the Baltimore area with demonstrations and hands-on workshops (COVID-safe, of course). In years past, we typically reached 1000+ kids ages 8-18 each year through these public events.

Thanks for considering!