In the zone anti tip system

So I have built my robot and the only problem that i am having is tipping, because of my double reverse 4 bar. Does anyone know how to create an anti tip system that wont interfere with the robot driving onto the 2.75 20 point zone pole? anti tip on front of robot

Put a mobile goal in the center of robot, no tip :slight_smile:

i have been having the same problem

I thought about just scaling down the top speed of the drive when the lift is fully raised, or above a certain height. The 2 prototypes they have started have the wheels as far apart as possible to help prevent tipping as well.

The issue is with accelerating (either getting faster or getting slower) too quickly. I think slew rate control on a drive could take care of this issue very well. You can find some threads about that topic on this forum.

We have 3/4 of our first DR4B prototype done, so we havent wired it up and tested it yet to see how bad tipping will be. We learned a lot about pivot points and wheel placement last year though with a reverse dumper.
Slew rate can only do so much. If you happen to get to full speed and hit something, that won’t be fun. If you are restricted to going slow when high, you won’t have that problem as easily. Lots of manlifts/scissor lifts do that.

My main concern is tipping the stacks of cones I am holding. Tipping shouldn’t be an issue when I am carrying a mobile goal.

Then just hold onto the top cone when driving around. Buckle up, safety first!

That’s the plan for going over the bump.

Have short pieces of metal (around 2-3 inches) on every side wherever you have space that flip out when the lift is raised due to rubber bands. If they are low enough, they should be able to stop a large amount of force that could result in tipping.

That might interfere with going over the starting bar though

That’s a valid point. I didn’t think of that. Maybe one that is naturally low but with some gradual force would give way. If it is sudden, then it holds. Similar to the concept in seat belts where they allow you to pull on them, but when you fling forwards when the car jerks, they don’t let you move at all. I have no idea how this is done, but I’m fairly sure it doesn’t involve electronics.

Very easy, actually. The starting bar pushes from the side, a tip would see the ground pushing up from below. It should be easy to make something that retracts when pushing against and going over the bar but not while tipping.

Be careful of being tippable while crossing the bar, though.

Something like this would do the trick