In The Zone: Cone Calculations

Posted this picture on instagram but wanted to share the file also for other teams to use. It helps our team plan out the height for our first build.

Calculations Spreadsheet

Units are in inches and pounds.

So then you’re planning on an arc lift or 4-bar?

We are going to try a new approach and build a few different lift types to test them out. We have kept our skyrise chassis (3) intact so we will attach to them to better test. Testing a single bar, 4 bar and if time a scissor lift. Aiming for 10 cones on the mobile base & 5 on the stationary goal at first.

@SenorPastrana so that explains why 36" is highlighted then. Okay thanks

New data!

25 cones stacked on a mobile base will fall over quickly under 15 secs
24 cones stacked on a mobile base will fall over after ~5mins
23 cones stacked on a mobile base will eventually fall over. We gave up after 6 mins

Is the height measured at the top of the cone or the bottom?

I’m not sure what to do with this new data.

What is the unit of measurement for the height and weight?

@Gallium Uhhhh, thanks, I have no idea how I did not see that.

Top of the cone after that number have been scored. It is safe to assume that you will need to clear the top of the measurement/stack height to put the next cone on. To score a 5th cone then you need to clear 20.1 inches.