In the Zone Cones

For the game “In the Zone”, does anybody know if the cones are made of plastic or rubber?

Pretty sure it’s plastic

Can confirm it is plastic after going to VEX IQ worlds to get a closer look at the field and get a feel for scoring objects

One more question. Can you take off cones that are already scored on a high or low post?

@fruitarian Yes you can easily take off cones that are already scored.

No you can not legally descore cones.

You can remove cones from your bases, you just can’t remove cones from your opponent’s bases.

Can the opponent enter into your zone, and can the opponent take your post a place it inside there zone, so you can not get it?

no you can’t put your opponents goal in your own zones, and you are only allowed in you opponents 5 point so you can’t go in their 10 and 20. The manual says all of this btw