In The Zone: Design Ideas

What would be the most efficient (Fastest) lift type for VEX? My team wants to use a forklift, but would this actually be fast and efficient enough to get the job done?
What would be the most efficient claw type to use?

So far a dr4b has been the best lift to use. It is the most used so far. Scissor lifts are the second most used but harder to build. For a claw a 1:3 gear ratio is good. For the actual claw build something that is formed to the cone this is what I have seen so far that is the best.

A lift would be like an x-bar or scissor. I have mostly seen dr4b, but for an inexperienced team it will be tough. Our team built an 8-bar as our first and probably end up switching.

We are building a very slow dr6b with 1:15 built for height but from my experience a dr4b with a 1:7. If you want efficiency I would go like us with a dr6b and a 1:15 gear ratio. For the clamp I think that a pneumatic clamp with the air resistor just below the max air restriction since you don’t need a lot of power to clamp the cones and mobile goals.

Is a dr6b necessary? It seems like it would be a bit bulky and unnecessarily tall to me, I would love to hear your reasoning. Will you also be lifting the goals with it? Do you internally stack using a chain bar or something similar? Because there are so many objects, I don’t think it should really take you more than a couple seconds to stack a cone, and the dr6b would be slow (especially with a 1:15).

I highly suggest you look at some other threads on this forum on the exact same topic. There’s hundreds of posts on this.

@roboticblackbelt We wanted the ability to lift mobile goals with around 12 cones on it. From our experience last year we know a good 1:7 can lift roughly four pounds but we are using 2 motors on the bottom portion of the arm and since our arm is about 3 pounds we went with a 1:15 as for the dr6b the height we wanted to use to stack as much cones as we can. Though it is slow we have a great strategy that we can use with the smaller faster robots. We also like how stable the dr6b is. So at the moment we are sticking with are design.

You might want to prototype some other ideas if a smaller ratio isn’t working for you. Also you don’t need to pick up the mobile goal with the same mechanism you grab cones with. Pretty much every other team will be able to out cycle you.

@JustinM You bring up a great point! We are working on smaller faster gear ratios and right know we are brainstorming ideas to pick up mobile goals since we have very little room. We are thinking that since we power the arms in different locations we have the speed of a 1:7.5 and the torque of a 1:15 because our arm goes all the way up in 3.2 seconds. (still slow)

This site is great hub of useful information about forklift topics.

Uhhh… if you actually want to learn “forklift topics” there are much better sites, take a look at this one:

Thanks Easton for your kind help.