In the Zone Drive Type

Now that most of us have an idea about what we will be doing for this game, what sorts of drives do you think will be useful for this game. I personally think a tank drive is a great way this year, but what you you think?

I use cams as wheels. Good for getting into those hard to reach places.

Tank drive will be king, as is the case every year. I’m not sure how hard it is to get over the bar, but unless you can place the mobile goal into the zone without crossing the bar, that rules out mecanum and holonomic drives.

In my opinion, holonomic drives will dominate. Due to the traction and versatile frame they can accomplish a multitude of tasks.

Nah it doesn’t seem easy to get over the bar with them and with the heavy bases it seems it will stall. I believe tank drives will be the champs again.

you only have to get over the starting bar which isn’t very high. So I don’t think that it will be a problem.

True but it will probably be harder for a holonomic, allowing tank drives to be faster which means more scoring.

Have to agree with @Zach929Y , tank drives will dominate once again.

mechanums in holonomic placement :wink: x2 the strafe power.

Might have to bring back the 8 wheel mechanum drive. lol

A friend of mine tried that and it didn’t work. The omnis are slightly larger that the mechanums, meaning that one of the mechanums always had way less traction. It sometimes strafed, but when it did it would turn sharply.

In all seriousness, what happened to the swerve drive?

Anybody think transmission drives?

6 motor x-drive on a transmission using universal joints.

I’ve always wondered about it, but I’m leaving only 4 motors for my drive, tank seems the simplest.

That seems too slow for the fast-paced type of game that is In the Zone. I am thinking of dedicating 6-8 motors on my drive with possibly a transmission (being heavily debated). I agree with the tank, though.

I think a two speed transmission could be useful for torque when carrying a goal and speed when carrying a cone, but you have to already be using pneumatics to make it worth it. Even a free motor couldbe used elsewhere for a better purpose.

#Banshee drive anyone?

So far, all of the answers have been the tank drive, but why not try the leg wheels for a change? I mean, they can get over the bars fairly easily, but all you have to worry about is the uneven placement of the wheels.

I can’t tell if this is serious or not.