In the Zone Field Simulator Program

Introducing the UC Robotics In the Zone Field Simulator!

UC Robotics is looking to start off the year with a bang so we started working on a field simulator program which is similar to the scoring app but will allow teams to hopefully help plan strategy easily with an simple to use drag and drop interface which includes automatic scoring.

By right clicking on a movable or stationary goal, you can also place a number of cones at once, which will remove that number from the field at the same time. To descore, enter a negative number after right clicking to remove a designated number of cones, or click the descore mode at the bottom right to drag cones off the goals. We’ve added options for main competition, skills, and VEXU ruling also so hopefully this program will be useful for everyone on here!

We’re intending on adding much more capabilities to this, not just a basic scorer, so keep an eye out for more to come in future.

UC Robotics is a new VEXU team based at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand and we’re looking forward to competing with you all at worlds next year :slight_smile: Feel free to check out our FB page (click my signature) and we’re working on a website to be released soon too. Good luck to everyone for the season!

(If you have any queries regarding this program and/or want to make suggestions for future versions, feel free to comment or message me.)
UC Robotics In The Zone Field Simulator (84.1 KB)

Although it is illegal to descore cones, being able to un-stack cones one at a time instead of having to reset every time would be nice.

Thanks for the feedback OverClocker! We’ve made an update so if you wanna redownload from the same link, it has descoring now! To descore, just right click and subtract the number of cones you’d like :slight_smile:

I was going to do this in a browser-based thing, but you beat me to the punch! Might still, because this only has support for Windows users

Once we have a website up and running we might put it on there too :slight_smile: but until then yeah sorry it’s only windows supported. Feel free if you want!

While I currently only have it built for windows, it uses C#/.NET Framework, so I may be able to port to Mono, which is compatible with other platforms. I’m looking into it now.

Edit: It appears as though the .exe file should work with mono without modification, I am testing it now. Though I may need to make some changes to the field rendering for smoothness reasons

The program has been slightly tweaked for better compatibility with mono, and should run smoothly (though it pretty much worked as-is).

It is also now distributed as a standalone .exe file, the original post will be updated shortly.

To run with mono on mac/linux, you must first download and install the right version of Mono for your operating system (, and then run/open the .exe file with Mono. I only tested this on linux, but it should work on Mac.

Still, a browser-based solution may be useful to some users, especially as it means they wont have to download/install anything.

Could you attach the source-code? I want to add some extra functionality