In the zone game pieces

I was wondering if anybody has gotten a hold of the the In The Zone game pieces yet. Or if there were any CAD files of them so that we could 3D print a stand-in until the official pieces arrived.

Game pieces will not start shipping until Mid-May.

In the meantime, you can download the Field and game element CAD from this link:

Thank you @DRow !

It says May 1st? Is that not correct?

Here is the exact STL I made for printing.

Shows as 5/15 for me.

It said May 1st on Saturday night just after the reveal…

Also, is this true for all resellers? ie: Robotmesh etc

Yeah, that was my fault. I’m dumb and can’t read a spreadsheet. 5/15 is the correct date. As far as I’m aware, this should apply to all resellers as well, if not a later date.

OK thanks

@DRow, thanks for sharing the CAD link! This resource will help us a lot on our design process for this next season.

No matter what the date (VEX will ship them when they ship them), you can order today from Robot Mesh and we will ship as soon as we can, with free shipping the US. We have lots of them on order.

A complete game set is $499.99,
(1) VRC In the Zone Field Element Kit
(1) VRC In the Zone Field Pipe Kit
(4) VRC In the Zone Game Element Kit

You can also order separately:
VRC In the Zone Game Element Kit, $79.99,
20 Cones, 1 Red Mobile Goal, 1 Blue Mobile Goal (1/4 of all game elements)

VRC In the Zone Field Elements, $179.99,
(1) Red Stationary Goal
(1) Blue Stationary Goal
(2) VRC Under Tile Plates
(1) Red Starting Bar
(1) Blue Starting Bar
(4) Ten Point Zone Wall Brackets
(1) Red Twenty Point Zone Bar
(1) Blue Twenty Point Zone Bar
(4) Twenty Point Zone Brackets
(2) Loaders
(4) 3/4" PVC Pipe Clamps
(2) Cones
(4) VRC License Plate Packs
(1) Roll 3/4" Wide White Tape
(1) Roll 2" Wide Blue Tape
(1) Roll 2" Wide Red Tape
(1) VRC In the Zone Pipe Kit
All necessary assembly hardware

VRC In the Zone Scoring Element Kit (2 cones), $5.99,

yep. may 15 even for robotmesh. i just ordered today.

Does anyone have an STL file for a mobile goal?

Attached is a zip file with STL files for the mobile goal. Note that it is 3 parts and is assembled by several pieces of hardware (not included in the STL files). The top and bottom seem to be injection molded plastic parts, and the round plate seems as if it will be a cut steel piece to add weight to the bottom of the goal. There are 2 of those plates in each mobile goal. (1.05 MB)