In the Zone: Game/Strategy Conversation

What does everyone think of the new game?

So, is there a height limit?

my head hurts trying to think of all the ways of doing things…

No height limit

oh boy, this is gonna be interesting

how heavy are those things? I already have a strategy to clear the entire field in 2 minutes… as long as they are less than 1/4 lbs each…

This looks pretty fun! I’m excited to read the manual for this game, I want to find out what restrictions there are, if any, towards denying the enemy points.

Cones are 118 grams

so you still have to start 18-18-18 right?

Are you sure? I thought it’s 2587 grams?

“For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.”
Don’t forget that the cones can tip over before you intake them, making intaking significantly harder.

I’m not even joking

so its like skyrise with moblie goals and wired pieces

anyone else having a problem getting the game manual?

Cones are more than a fourth of a pound. And the movable goals are 3.7 pounds.

Intaking skyrise cubes is the same no matter if it’s tipped over or not. They were also just easier to hang on to in general.

Robots can only pick up one cone at a time so speed is probably going to be a priority

But they can move the entire mobile goal
I already have a design :slight_smile:

If by height limit you mean the size of the robot at the beginning of the match, it is still 18x18x18. There is no height limit on the stack of cones.

Starting building today! I will be posting pictures in this forum. Thinking about doing a double reverse four bar with a scoop of sorts. Keep me updated on your robots as well!