In the Zone Intake

Found this in youtube:

What do you guys think?

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That is a lot like what I was thinking for the intake. Seems like it could work pretty good.

we call it the “dragon intake”

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They should add LED lightning to make it breath fire and a speaker to growl.

cody need to add 2 angled wheels to the back

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how many motor does it use?

Looks pretty good, but how will it be able to move mobile goals over the bar?

It’s just an intake I can’t imagine how it would pick up a mobile goal

lol uses motors, too heavy. :wink:

He’s right using motors is absolutely barbaric

Might I recommend the 269 motor, which although isn’t sold anymore, does weigh 26.3 grams less than your average 393 motor.

If you insist on a powered intake may I reccomend the Vex Servo which is about half the weight of a standard 393 motor or 44 grams lighter and can hold its position without user created PID.

Does it have any chance of picking up fallen cones? Will it work on the very rigid cones?

Found more:

So it will work on upright cones. I am still very skeptical of its usefulness against tipped cones considering the effort that the person had to go through in order to right them, something a robot might have difficulty with.

I agree with @Silicon here, you would have to be driving away from the cone at only a precise speed for it to be upright.
EDIT: On second thought, have you tried this on the actual game pieces? Because the ridges on the cones make that intake a more viable option.

I’m also thinking of using that intake. But, I can’t figure out how I would pick up a mobile goal. :confused: does anyone have any ideas for that?

You dont, youd need a different one

If you had a robot that could grab the preload and put it on the stationary goal without moving, it’s arm would have to travel about 2.12 feet (sqrt of 4.5.) If you grab a cone using the hole in it’s top, then it would stay upright, even if a back dumper robot took it straight from the preload zone, and turned it over itself and put it on the stationary goal. Therefore, you’d have a claw like that would allow much faster preloads.