In the Zone Lift Ideas

Since we have a thread for intakes, claws, and drive trains, I thought I might as well start a thread for Lift ideas and hear everyone’s ideas for lifts.

Many people are already considering a double reverse four bar (dr4b), for which there is a thread, but there are many other options out there…
A 1 bar affords simplicity and little weight but hard control of cones
A 4 bar gives a simple way for your claw or other handling mechanism to always remain vertical
Similary a 6 bar is a taller version of a 4 bar
A dr4b gives more than twice the height of a normal 4 bar, while weighing more
A scissor lift allows for a wide platform to attach mechanisms to, but is harder to maintain and (tends) to be slower or less efficient
There are many more to consider but there’s a start

I am currently considering using a 4 bar as an early prototype to get a working cone grabber, then moving to a dr4b or a 6 bar.

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Cascade lift. Look it up.

I’m looking to build a DR4B this year, because of the height and the (relative) ease of construction

remember the scissor lift


I was also thinking of trying a cascade lift start with a 2 stage and then if needed make it a 3 stage. The only problem with it is that they tend to be slow.

you could do something like 1103 Curahee’s back in round up, his was fast and you could probably make it even faster because you dont have to lift nearly as much as he did with the robot

The 1103 robot was also using 269 motors… Keep that in mind. Any new version of this type of lift should be much faster given better motors and limited load. (He was hanging with that bot.)

Sounds like a good time for the Danny Lift

Danny Lift

Yeah that’s kinda what i was getting at when saying “make it even faster”

Isn’t that essentialy a RD4B?

They were used before only in skyrise and roundup, which required lifting heavy objects and had weaker motors, respectively, so the simple solution is to gear it up for speed.

I dont think skyrise motors were weaker… but ya, in round up they were

Well… Agreed to some extent. I believe that now on our time we all are able to get information from the past to incorporate speed and efficiency for these games just by looking at what others built, but during the past there was little information on how to make your robot faster and more efficient. During years later, the information learned from the past gets passed on to the future, and it also gets added on by our creativity to build more reliable and effective robots than ever before. In my opinion, the cascade lift can be a good idea, but it may or may not be more inefficient than other designs(since it’s not tested as much for other games). But who am I to say, I never built one :P. Maybe incorporating turbo wouldn’t be too bad?

Since when did it die.

Just because our team built a good one before, I think that I will try it.

Obviously you don’t know what the word respectively means. :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously you don’t know when they updated vex motors.

ObviouslyProbably you don’t know what the word Obviously means :stuck_out_tongue: The definition of Obviously is: easily perceived or understood; clear, self-evident, or apparent.

But let’s get back on the topic shall me :slight_smile:

I was thinking about using a chain bar lift. How many motors would the chain bar lift take if it only picked up cones? (Please, no criticisms on the idea, i have my reasons…)

You could do it w/ one, but it might be a little slow. Also, there’s no simple way to help it w/ rubber bands. I would recommend two since it will contribute a lot up your cycle time.