In the Zone Partner

We are new to Vex EDR competition and I wanted to try and understand how partners work in the game? Our team will have two competing robots. So lets say our robot A starts on one of the red blocks, is our other internal team Robot B on the other red box or do they randomly draw your partner or team member for each game? Just wondering how it all works.

So in each competition they pair the teams up many times depending on the size of the event. (For the competition I go to, it is normally 8 times) That means that your Team A have a Chance of playing your Team B. And the way they pair you up, you wont play with or against the same team more than once. There are no pattern on how the teams are paired.

Great info thanks.

tip of advice, go to as many competitions as possible, not only is it great experience, you also see designs that you can use this season, as well as later seasons.

I agree, another tip is to communicate with other teams. For some new teams, they are scared to talk to the good teams. New teams should ask the more experience teams for advice, they are usually really friendly and willing to give tips.

Thanks again this forum has been fantastic to us as a new team getting started. We did have the opportunity to go see a competition at the SRC Arena in Syracuse at the end of last years competition and it was a fantastic learning experience.
We got to go into the pits and talk to other teams and learned enough to get started. We can’t wait for this years events to get underway so we can get back to as many events as possible and continue with our learning. Your 100% right, everyone at the event was very friendly and helpful to our team members. Thanks again for all your help and suggestions.

Just a point of clarification. A single robot is allowed per “team”. If you have two robots, then you are defined as two “teams” that both need to be registered with RECF and for any event that both participate in. A “team” is allowed up to three drive team members, a driver, a co-driver and a coach. A member of the drive team from Robot A cannot also be a member of the drive team for Robot B at a particular event. The pairings are done at random by the tournament computer. So in a typical event (5-8 qualifying matches), you may be paired with your other robot in a match, you may be against your other robot in a match or neither of you will be in the same match. Depends on the draw. Also, just a point about this years game, none of the robots start on the colored tiles (box).
These are things you might already know, but never hurts to see them again. Welcome to the VEX Community.

Thanks for the clarification 536Mentor. Do most schools and club have two different teams competing at competitions? or do most stick with one team and one robot. The event we attended when get started earlier this year most organizations seem to have multiple teams. Just wondering what was the norm.

our school has 4 teams that compete per comp. Most “good” teams here in Missouri have at least two, because only 4-5 people can work at a time.

It really depends on the size of your potential teammates and funding. Our school has resources to make 20ish teams of 3-4 each year. I personally prefer 3, with a captain and two team mates. Others prefer 4-5. You Can have more, but it becomes harder with each member to get everyone constantly involved.

My school has competed with between 4 to 6 different “teams/robots” per season. As Imperious stated above (while I was typing this), it really depends on the number of students interested and your resources. My teams run between 3-6 students, depending on how they align themselves. I have had very successful 3 person teams, and I have had very successful 6 person teams. As for competitions, I don’t send all of my teams to every competition, but send two or three to one and another two or three to another event. All of my teams last year competed in 6 events, not counting state (4 of 4 robots) , the US Open (2 robots) and Worlds (1 robot).

Great info, thanks!!