In the Zone point zone scoring question

It’s not super clear in the scoring.

Let’s say I have a mobile goal with 6 cones on it and it is the highest stack. I have the mobile goal in the 20 point zone.

The mobile goal in that zone is worth 20 points. Can I assume that the rest of the scoring applies on top of that, i.e.

Mobile goal in 20 point zone: 20 pts
6 cones stacked on goal: 12 pts
Highest stack on mobile goal: 5 points

Scoring this would yield 37 points. Is this correct?

yes i believe that is correct

I believe this is correct.

This seems correct

I think you seem to be a bit confused. The 5 point bonus is not for having the highest stack on a mobile goal but for having the highest stack in a specific zone. So in this case if and the stack on the mobile goal in your 20 point zone is taller then the stack on the mobile goal in your opponents 20 point zone, then you will get the 5 point bonus.

So if only your alliance has a goal in a zone, but has no cones on it, would you get the bonus? is 0>null?

I would think not, since nothing is technically Stacked unless a Cone is nested on a Movable Goal. 0 !> 0

Of course I may be wrong though.

Gotcha. So there are 20 potential “highest stack” points in play at the end of a match. Getting a mobile goal with 1 cone in the 5 point zone would be worth 12 points if the other team doesn’t have anything in their 5 point zone.

Precisely, 5 points for each scoring zone and also for the stationary goal

Followup for a situation that I thought of that is unclear.

At the end of a match, if there are 3 cones stacked on a mobile goal that is NOT in one of the scoring areas (i.e. it’s on the field), is that worth 6 points?

If there are multiple mobile goals left on the field (not in a scoring area) at the end of a match, and one of those has the greatest number of stacked cones, does a stacked cone bonus apply?

I really wish they would include actual scoring scenarios with the manual.


@pruckelshaus For the first scenario yes. Cones only need to be stacked on any goal to be scored, regardless of the goals location.
For the second scenario the following are the only possible bonuses:

Note, there is no Highest 0 Point Zone Stack, but rather a Highest Stationary Goal Stack, so mobile goals not in a scoring area cannot get the highest stack bonus.