In the Zone: Pre-Q&A Questions

I know various other threads already exist discussing interpretations of various points of the new game. I, however, have spent all too much time reading the game manual from start to finish and, as such, have questions of my own.
Apologies if these questions have already been asked or are already answered in the manual; I’m currently too tired to look through the forum/manual again.


Spelling error corrected by me. The first quote implies that intentional removal of Scoring Objects is legal while in the process of Scoring/Stacking. The second quote states that intentional removal of Scoring Objects is illegal under all circumstances. Clarification in wording is needed (I assume the second interpretation is correct).


Notice that they said prevent robots from hoarding, not stop robots from hoarding. It is legal to push cones with non-concave portions of the robot, but the rules against pushing with concave portions makes the hoarding strategy less effective. Yes, you would be able to create a concave area with non-concave portions of two robots, but once again, by requiring the use of both robots, the hoarding strategy would be less effective.

I expect that what you say is true, however this doesn’t make sense to me:

I don’t see how those are any different in this context.

They are not trying to totally eliminate and stop hoarding. They are preventing robots from hoarding by adding rules that make hoarding strategies less effective.

does the stationary goals height count for the height of the 5 extra points or is it just number of cones stacked?

The height counts for the extra 5 points. Whichever team has the highest stationary goal stack receives 5 points at the end of the match in addition to their 2 points for every conne.

Im a little un clear with this, but its my understanding Vex U teams can use 12 motors along with Pneumarics right?

@thedude019 Yes that is correct.