in the zone pushbot


very beautiful sounds

haha, your partners will hate you :smiley:

My very first idea for this game was to build a robot optimized for picking up fallen cones, with a pair of extendable cone-whackers. Once they are knocked over, you would have a huge advantage at picking up and scoring fallen cones. I’m glad to see someone trying the strategy.

Just a note - by about May 31 EVERY strategy that you will see this year has already been discussed by the most experienced teams. It’s rare (Green Eggs in Round Up was an exception) to see someone executing a strategy that hasn’t already been thought of and tested. Executing a strategy well is what sets successful teams apart. There is no real reason to keep strategies secret, everyone is keeping the same secrets.

Yeah, I definitely need a way to pick up fallen cones after seeing this. xD

I’m thinking some sort of passive attachment on the middle section of my DR4B would do just fine.

What, I’m not LEAGUES smarter than everyone else?!?!?!?