In the Zone Scoring

Can we pick up multiple cones if they are stacked, but not on a mobile goal? Note 2: Stacked Cones do not count towards the Possession limit. (i.e. A Robot is allowed to control
the movement of a Mobile Goal with Stacked Cones). Robots can interact with Cones that are
Stacked on Goals without those Cones counting towards the possession limit. but what if they are still stacked but not on a goal

please check what the game manual defines as stacked

The game definition is that “STACKED” means they ARE on a mobile goal. Cones that are stacked but not on a goal are NOT “stacked” as far as the game rules are concerned. Therefore, you can NOT stack cones not on a mobile goal and move that stack around as they are not “stacked” . As was mentioned above, please refer first to the game manual.