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Hello everyone just looking for clarification on stacking cones. Can I stack cones on each other inside my bot as I intake or can I only hold more than one cone if it is on top of a mobile goal. If I worded it weird just let me know I’ll try and clarify.
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Put together, those two rules mean that unless all your cones are being stacked onto a mobile goal that you are possessing, you can only handle one cone. So yes, you can only handle more than one cone at a time if it’s on a mobile goal that you are holding.

According to SG9 Note 2:

And the definition of stacked:

In other words, you can only hold one cone at a time, all other cones must be directly or indirectly sitting on a mobile goal or on the field

The exception to the one-cone rule is when you are holding a mobile goal, then you can carry as many cones as you like on your robot, as long as they’re on the mobile goal.

I’ve Been confused with this as well, so techincally speaking you can hold 1 stack of cones which is on the mobile base as well as another cone to stack on that stack?

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Basically yes
“stacked cones” (as defined by the game manual) do not count towards your 1 cone posession limit.

It also says if your robot is touching a cone that is stacked on a mobile goal then that cone and any above it are not stacked does this mean if I touch a lower cone that I will be dq’d or is this like skyrise where it’s for scoring at the end of the game? If I have a part of my robot that braces the cones on the mobile goal is that illegal? Because I’m not actually holding the cones or controlling them I’m just bracing them

@Mark185A I have the same question…

@Mark185A essentially yes, so if you only touch the top one, you’ll be fine but if you somehow manage to touch the cones at the base, you’d be dq’ed however, if its not intentional, like your not bracing it at the bottom, and it sways into your supporting structure then you’ll most likely get a warning (if the ref manages to see it).

I’d mostly tend to agree with @9065_parker in general. The big thing to watch out for is, if you intend to build a bot to carry a mobile goal and are carrying several cones stacked on that mobile goal, that if you are moving the mobile goal and your robot supports the cones, it’s likely match affecting because you are moving a not insignificant number of points around the field.

It’ll probably be ref’s call, but I’d be super careful about designing anything that uses walls around it to keep it upright. Given the precise definitions, I think they considered this and don’t want people just building a huge stack and using walls to keep it upright. Just my uninformed thoughts on the subject.

So the rule says you can not touch a cone in the stack? or you can not “possess” a cone in a stack, for example, if the stack leans when you drive and touches part of your list does that mean all the cones above that are no longer stacked? or do you actually have to be grasping the cone in this situation?

Again, not entirely certain and would love a rules clarification (I think I saw the question asked in the official Q&A). But from my reading, the rules say that if your bot is in contact with a cone, that cone and any above it are no longer counted as stacked. If your robot is moving them or controlling them, that would be against the possession rules as far as I can tell.

I suppose if you weren’t moving and it just leaned against the body, you could make the argument that it doesn’t quite break the rule, but I assume any internal loader is likely to have issues with leaning while moving, especially with regards to turning or going over the pipe between the five and ten point zones.

Since stacked cones do not count towards your possession limit. Is it legal to carry more that one mobile goal on the robot at the same time (2,3, or 4 mobile goals at once), while also stacking cones on those mobile goals.

@bergenrobotics Yea I think that is fine just as long as you are only manipulating one cone at a time.

Thank you

There was a clarification from Karthik (can’t find the post right now), but he indicated that when moving a mobile goal with stacked cones, it is OK to be touching the cones to prevent the stack from tipping over. The rule that you are referring to applies to scoring at the end of the match. Maybe others with more time (and patience) can find the appropriate post.

@MrNeff Found it! HERE

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