In the Zone Without SG9 Challenge


So for a fair amount of us the dreary months of March and April are approaching, when you just sit around and pretend that build really fast drives gives you a purpose in life.

However, I think it would be fun to do a challenge: In the Zone without SG9. It will be played by two robots, 242424, in a 3 minute period, all driver control since we can’t prove that you did it autonomously. the motor limit would be 20 and all other rules but SG9 would apply. First one to release a video of them max scoring the board, not sped up, wins.

Anyways, thoughts?


Oh, almost forgot: I’m thinking that you would have access to other people’s mobile goals and driver loads and preloads, like in skills, and could score them in any zone. And of course things like hs and auton bonuses wouldn’t count.


Something like this would work for FTC, where they have a gap in their year between worlds and the next game release, but this will never happen with VEX because as soon as the season ends, another starts.


Yeah, it’s for the people like (probably) me who don’t make worlds but are still really bored.