In Work: setscrews sizes

searched around but didn’t find an answer. I have setscrews for shaft collars. The ones that came with the collars screw in slightly recessed with no part above the surface of the collar. We ordered some replacements from Vex and these seem slightly longer and do not screw in flush such that when places on a shaft collar on a shaft through a hole near a corner, the set screw interferes with the surface of the metal sheet preventing rotation. Found this out the hard way . . . of course that’s how I find most things out :wink:

Any guidance on what these two sizes are, and if possible, where to get the setscrews that screw in flush? (filing these off would be somewhat difficult)


They should be 1/8" long 8-32 set screws.

Are you using these:

I just checked that these replacement set-screws do go in far enough. Is it possible your set-screw is contacting the point of your shaft, not the flat?

Is it possible you’re using some of our standoff-couplers, which look like set-screws but are much longer?

Can you provide additional information to help us determine what is wrong?

Since any 8-32 screw will work in a VEX shaft collar, if you have problems with some screws and not others I recommend you simply change them out – use the short ones in places they matter, use the long ones in places they don’t.