Inactive Motor

I know that there is a six motor limit, but can you use a 7th motor, if it isnt attached to the brain and has no cables on it?

No, I don’t think you can, even if it is not connected to the brain.

Also, why would you want it?

for balance reasons.

You can use the extra motor if it isn’t plugged in BUT it counts towards the motor count

Here’s a link to a similar thread.

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If you robot isn’t balanced then try to shift weight around.


VEX is going to release “flywheel weights” soon (as detailed in the Coming Soon page), so I would suggest using those as weight. Traction tires could also be used.


In the case of @Banjo2rise’s robot, extra weights shouldn’t really be used, but those are probably good options.

No. 20characters man

Don’t add extra weight.

Just shift stuff so you can balance your weight distribution while keeping the robot as light as it can be


Actually these are available for sale now!


There is a pretty good thread about not adding weight to fix a balance problem. There are lots of way to move the Center of Gravity or the Center of Mass around to make things stable.

I can attest, fatter is never better.


Robots may use up to six (6) VEX IQ Smart Motors.
Additional motors cannot be used on the Robot (even ones that aren’t connected).

So no, you cannot use unplugged motors as weight.


i already have them, but havent a clue how to use them

Are you using them for the lift? If so don’t, the added weight will not help you. Put the motor in the centre for it to be balanced.

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i havent used them yet

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the motor at the op should go in the middle? Ill try that, but before I added any motors at the front, i had the same problem

Yes it’s quite simple, put the motor inbetween the two arms, and gears running along the side up to the claw shaft.

Already here


U should buy two of them. Reason why is that they give only 300 grams and if u have a lot of wait in the front put two flywheels on the back

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