Incidental flipping

So, my team was just at a scrimmage and we won a match because one of the opposing robots got flipped over, we got into a pushing match with them and they drove up our robot and proceeded to tip over. They said that they would let it go because it was a scrimmage, but they would report us in a real qualifier. We shouldn’t be punished, because they were pushing back, right.

depends on the situation and who the ref is tbh. for example if this was on or around the center platform, it would totally be legal, but otherwise idk, the ruling may be varied from ref to ref.

From my knowledge if you were both pushing against each other and they tipped as long as as soon it looked like they were gonna tip you backed off you should not be penalized.

Did they drive up on you or did you drive up under them? If they were the aggressor and tipped themselves (albeit you provided pushback) then there should be no punishment. If what @JuiceBox said happened then you still should not be penalized.

However if you were the aggressor, and a pushing match ensued, they began to tip and you did not stop then you could be given a dq for the match.

These are a couple rules don’t involve the center platform. Some parts are bolded for emphasis.

In my opinion, pushing matches are minor contact. If a team drives up onto you and tips over, it’s their fault as long as you aren’t actively trying to tip them over (e.g. sticking something underneath them and lifting them up). If you have a ramp-like device on your robot for opponents to drive up onto and flip themselves over on, then you’re likely at fault (it would count as a strategy “aimed solely at the destruction, damage, tipping over, or Entanglement of opposing Robots” and would be in violation of G12). It doesn’t really matter who started the pushing match. If they tip themselves, then it’s their fault.