Include files help

I was wondering if it was possible to have a include file that that held my functions using robotc. for example, there would be one for movement, another for the arm etc.
I successfully includedEncoderMovement.c’ up by “Vex_Competition_Includes.c”

#include "Vex_Competition_Includes.c"   //Main competition background not modify!
#include "ArmTask.c"
#include "EncoderMovement.c"

but when I try to call a function…

task autonomous()

ForwardWithEncoders(100, 100);

I get errors. my guess that it’s simply user error and it is possible, i’m just doing incorrectly.
I’ve attached my whole code in case it’s need for someone to help me. (3.53 KB)

What errors? I see some warnings when compiled in ROBOTC V3.62 but they are just about capitalization of the startTask function.

Your errors were due to having prototypes for undeclared functions, and a few capitalization issues. Chances are, you didn’t copy everything over the the new file, or you deleted a few functions without deleting their prototypes.
It compiled fine with RobotC 3.6
You can use WinDiff or something to see what was changed.

If you click the error in RobotC, it will jump you to that line. (3.44 KB)

I’m not using 3.6, I am using 4.08.

this photo shows my error window.

ok, probably should have tested it before I replied, because it works, I just had to change the StartTask back to startTask (it’s startTask in 4.x).