Inconsistent Drivetrain in Auton

We have been trying auton for some time but the drivetrain is sooo inconsistent. Every time the bot ends up in a different place. Especially when turning. It will turn a different amount of degrees every time. Does anyone have tips or know how to fix this?

use the built in motor encoders/ add different sensors is a good way to make it more consistent

I assume that the op is using the built in drivetrain functions. These already use the motor encoders.

A good way to improve you accuracy is too slow down you movements and add wait commands in between movements. If you are still having issues, then it is probably mechanical.

As far a sensors, a gyro can help with more accurate turns, or you can line yourself up using a vision sensor.

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what are motor encoders and how do they work? Also i think only gyro helps with turning auton which we have alrdy put on robot

what would a vision sensor do?

Teams sometimes will use the gyro to help make sure the robot is driving straight during autonomous. Because the gyro outputs angle, you can use this to make sure the robot is facing that angle while driving.

Caution Tape has a fantastic video on this.


ive watched this video and i dont understand how u transfer this code into actual auton for robot skills

At the end of the video they show how to implement the myblock.

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yes u are right. before i didnt understand but now ive researched into p and pid loops i think i understand now