Inconsistent VR platform

Is it just me or is the VEX VR platform more specifically the spin up playground used for Virtual skills
JUST REALLY INCONSITENT some runs ill get all the disks i have programmed for my robot to pick up and other runs it just ignores them, i know its not my code because i know it runs well if the program is being consitent in registering the disks i pick up

Does this Happen to you to?

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Hey! I’m one of the developers who worked on virtual skills. If you could recreate the issue with the project you’re having issues with and then send a feedback with the “Include Diagnostic and Usage Data” selected then we will be able to look in to the issue!

In the feedback body mention you’re from the forum so we know to look out for it!



Another helpful thing would be if you could give us the specs of the machine you’re running the project on. Like RAM, CPU, and Graphics card, if it has one.

If you’re noticing that it is consistently running at a low FPS, that can cause the game to perform unexpectedly. It would be good to check that Hardware Acceleration is turned on for your browser. Here are articles for VR about how to turn it on for Chrome and for Edge: