Incorrect Auton Scoring

Is anyone else having troubles with autonomous period scoring? At the events we have been at, our girls are having to call out scoring issues quite a few times. Watching in the stands, we think we got auton (and if the girls aren’t paying attention and don’t notice) it gets awarded to the opposite alliance. By the time anyone can say anything, its too late. I think what is happening is the call on the field is based on what you have scored for your color ON YOUR SIDE OF THE FIELD, not the whole field. I think we lost two autons this weekend, and it was match affecting in one of them.

This hasn’t happened all the time, and it is even inconsistent during an event. Its frustrating as AP seems to really make a difference in ranking at the events we have been at.

What I’m asking the girls to do is have one score themselves and another score the opponent so they can say something right then.

Not sure. There was a case where I thought our team won auton. It was awarded to the other side and the match moved on. I had recorded the match and went back to look and it was awarded correctly. We had not won auton. However, this is where the kids need to assert themselves. If they feel the auton was scored incorrectly, they should speak up before driver control. In our area, they get a thumbs up from the teams it verify they are ready for driver control. I would advise my team to give a thumbs down and raise the issue with the refs.

I have thought of having a couple of team members on the sideline score each side after auton to verify the ruling. That certainly can’t be a bad idea.

I believe that it is for the whole field because when you score a flag that is already preset as blue and change it to red the that is 2 more points for your team and 2 less for the other team. The ones that start a color in the match

Having done a lot of refereeing, this is probably one of the hardest games to score for autonomous that I’ve ever seen. At the tournament I was at last Saturday, the referees eventually gave up trying to do it by hand and just used the calculator on the VRC Hub phone app, as it wound up being a lot faster and more reliable. I’d encourage a member of the drive team that isn’t holding a controller to have that app available during auton, as it helps tremendously.

I agree with this. It seems like scoring should be straightforward since there are relatively few scoring elements but it is not. It is easy to mis-count something.

Im sure its not easy being a ref on the field. There is limited time and I’m sure everyone else around you thinks they are correct and the ref is wrong. It is frustrating though, as sometimes the kids on the field aren’t helping by keeping tabs on their score. What we are doing in the stands is looking at the difference in flags, caps, or parking between the two teams. If we each have 4 caps, they cancel out. If we each alliance parked, they cancel out.

Good thought on having the extra person having the app to do the scoring. I’ll see what I can do about that. It sounds like we aren’t alone in this regard though.

We have been recording the matches too. After reviewing them, it was clearly mis-awarded.

Its been a good strategy this year - we compete on Saturday and at the Sunday meeting, we watch the videos first thing, discuss and make pluses and minuses review sheets for what happened.

I’ve also had a problem with this.

I like that strategy, +1

And EP can have someone go from field to field and use a tablet to do the auton scoring. Easy gig for a high school kid needing volunteer hours. Punch it in and then show the refs to verify.

It seems that auton scoring has become a problem due to the fact that points often get descored for one team and then rescored for the other them. Our teams have found it really quick to score autonomous bonus if you look at all of the scoring done in terms of “swings” so if red toggles a high flag that started on blue it’s -2 points for blue and +2 points for red resulting in a 4 point swing. If red toggles a high flag that started neutral there are no points being descored but it’s still +2 points for red resulting in a 2 point swing. I’ve noticed a lot of refs don’t look at the points being descored in addition to the points scored which leads to wrong autonomous bonuses.

THISis a great idea. We get lots of volunteers for key club that need service hours. This is s great way to use another student volunteer.

The single hardest thing this year is the caps. Four of them start on balls - so that they are not scored. It looks as they are blue (or red), but they aren’t. They aren’t blue (or red) until a robot pushes them off the ball.