Increasing Compression on Intakes and Expanding Everything

image image image I’m using an intake where they fold up and i’m having troubles increasing compression so that the intakes are able to pull up 10+ cubes. Currently it can only hold 9 cubes. Additionally, i’m also struggling with expanding everything as my cube rack cant get passed my intakes once it’s folded. Anyone have any suggestions?

maybe a shorter flipout or reposition the flipout so it isn’t at your intake

Thanks for the suggestion however i can’t make the cube rack shorter since it i still need to be able to hold 10+ cubes and making my intakes longer would just make it too long. :frowning:

My team fixed the compression problem by wrapping a length of anti-slip mat around the flaps. You don’y want this too tight, it should just barely be bending the flaps, if at all. To fasten it, we drilled holes in our flaps and zip-tied them to the anti-slip mat.

picture? this sounds like what some FIRST robots have done where they have a base wheel and flappy bits supporting an outside circular bit

If I remember, Ii’ll upload a picture, but yeah, it’s kind of like that type of wheel, but much more floppy.

My team has the smaller gear in front, but I don’t know if that would make it better or worse. My robots tray only holds 7 cubes

Yeh, if you could upload a picture that’ll be great

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