Increasing Intake Efficiency

Hello all, me and my team have been looking for ways to increase the efficiency. Right now we are limited to a five point autonomous due to how slow it is to intake cubes compared to other robots. We’ve watched a lot of other videos but can’t seem to figure out what the trick is to it. Here is our current intake configuration. The sprocket in the middle is for cube compression
20200206_120150 20200310_153239
Any help that you can give us is greatly appreciated.!

you’re driving a very small sprocket so your intakes are going to be really slow. try either powering that middle sprocket, or getting rid of the middle sprocket altogether and enlarging the back sprocket to 24t.


What kind of motor are you using?

To add to this, I highly recommend you power your intake motors with 12 volts, as opposed to 100 percent velocity.
This combined with green cartridges can handle 11 cubes, as long as the build quality of the intake itself is decent.

12 Volts? Would you just type that into the code or is it something else? Because I’ve never heard of this term

Hmm whats the difference from tell it to go 100% velocity then pushing 12 volts. I might try this.

Do you have static or flip-out intakes? Your intake might be slow if it is not extended forwards from the tray enough.

By static I assume you mean stationary which, yes we do have. I guess it doesn’t matter anymore because NC has just been travel banned meaning no worlds for us

Oof that sucks, but yes you would type it into the code. The motor has a built-in PID, so that if it meets resistance it can boost itself to stay at 100 pct velocity, so it’s actually not running at it’s full capacity. 12 volts is it’s highest capacity. There is a significant increase in power. Overheats slightly faster, but not a huge issue.

Edit: autocorrect hates me.