Increasing Velocity with controller like a turbo button

I am trying to increase the speed while driving with a controller. Is that possible? Or is it already at 100%. It takes forever to drive from one side of the field to the other. I know how to do it with autonomous. I am not sure what the % the speed is set to with the drivetrain using the controler. Here is my code.

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If you would want it to go full speed at all times you could use a when driver control then forever then drive velocity 100

How is the controller setup?

Motors only go 100% (Sorry your when coach that said give 110% really wasn’t talking about physics). What you are looking for is to gear your robot for ludicrous speed with 100% motor speed. Then you want to set up your drive to normally do 40-50 percent as you move around. Then when you want to scoot across the floor you want to run at 100% motor. I don’t know what kind of controller buttons you have left over, but I’d suggest holding in one of the front buttons on the front.

Depend on the gearing you might want to say when the top left button is held in, motor speed is 100% with no buttons pressed it’s 60% and with the bottom left button pressed it’s 30% speed.

This lets you fly across the field at top speed, get close pull your finger off, line up, then press the bottom button to crawl into the exact space.

But the first part is fixing the wheel drive so that at 100% it flys. To do that you’ll need a bigger gear on the motor and smaller gears on the wheels.


It all depends on how the joystick is programmed. If you are using the built in drivetrain functionality, the moment you push the joystick forward you overwrite the velocity to the stick position. What you need is to code the joystick yourself and add in a derate multiplier. Your toggle (R up for example) will change your derate multiplier.

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Just a quick question, what programming language is this?? Is it the new program vex put out??

You can program what we are talking about in any of the languages that support your VEX platform.

I’ve heard of teams having problems with burnt-out motors when they run them at 100% speed. If you have problems with that, just set your “full speed” to 99%. It runs exactly the same but no problems with the motors.

I think that is more folklore than fact. It’s my understanding that 100% in code is already less than the theoretical max on the motors. Maybe @jpearman can voice an opinion.

Motors don’t run at 100% for the entire match, I have teams that this is there third year competing and their motors are doing fine.

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It is VEX IQ blocks.

This is the best I could come up with for you. It allows you to drive at 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% speed. You increment the speed factor by pressing R-up, and decrement with R-down. It doesn’t work how you describe (changing the speed WHILE you hold down a button, and changing back when you let go). I think that functionality would be awesome…I just can’t figure out how to code it. I created a separate thread for that specific functionality because I think it would be extremely useful. Great idea.

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@hpeace - I spent some more time playing around and mostly figured out a decent solution, I think. See that thread here: Change function of joysticks using modifier button?

Hope it turns out to be helpful to you too!

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Wow, thank you for the great response. I am definitely going to be working with this info and see if I can re-create it.

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