Incredible new ChinaBots

This was posted today by a Chinese team, incredible designs. The scoop and dump 5 on top is impressive.


Amazing robots, amazing driving, I am very impressed, and they did all of that in 30 seconds before the driver swap.

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I think the video is sped up 2x, they have another one where it’s the full minute and u can see the drives slower

I cant find it where is the link for the video that is slowed down

They get a slightly worse score but this is it

Different robot, that is the second iteration of the elephant robot. The original post looks like version 3 or 4.

Yeah, I know, but I’m still pretty sure the 1st vid is sped up, just by the way that cube is flipped at the start

first vid is certainly 2x speed… if not, might as well crown them now!

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