Indexing balls on snailbot

For indexing balls this year, my team was planning on using line trackers to detect where the balls are at. Do you guys have any other ideas for indexing?

Edit: I was mistaken, there is no color sensor for cortex, I was mistaking the line tracker for a color sensor. The only viable option I see is to use the vision sensor or wait for the color sensor coming this fall

EDR refers to both of the current VRC systems, V5 and Cortex. I don’t think there was ever a color sensor for the Cortex system, so maybe you are referring to the IQ color sensor?

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I’m guessing he means Cortex or V5 and he is talking about the V5 vision sensor.

Well if you just want to know if the balls are at a certain position then you could use limit switches as well. You would just need to attach a larger plate onto the switch as the balls have dimples that could cause a false negative if you just use the stock arm.

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I was planning to use limit switches because I was concerned with the ball not triggering a line tracker. Do you know if this is a valid concern? :slight_smile:

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Line tracker > limit switches


For most cases but this scenario especially

thanks, I used a line tracker on our tt bot and it worked I was concerned with the ball not trigger it.

u dont need an indexer it would be a waste of a motor

This depends on how you look at it… the most common snail bot design is 4m drive, 2m intake rollers, and 2m indexer/outtake (where the indexer and outtake are essentially the same. Some people separate them into two systems, and others have one system function as both with twice the power, while more advanced teams find a way to control where the power goes between the two).

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but u could use it for a trap dor like tarens or a hoarder on the back its a waste of energy

you can use ratchets to power other gadgets without losing any functionality.
I think a separate indexer and launcher is better because you have more control over where the balls are in your robot, which means you probably can have more constancy when programming, or even just in macros during driver control.


You can have them all; a trapdoor, indexer, and flywheel

I was always wondering, what is the difference between a line tracker and light sensor?

line trackers can detect the shade of an objects color, while light sensors can detect light

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Line tracker uses an infrared light sensor and infrared led to detect reflectivity, while light sensor uses a CdS (a photoresistor) to measure illumination
(This is based on the vex product page)