Indiana Skills Rankings

Hey everybody,

6840 and 6842 are proud to share the Indiana state skills rankings with the public. Unlike the RobotEvents skills rankings, this spreadsheet will show the skills scores and the teams that have already secured spots through a tournament champions award or an excellence award. We update it usually every Saturday or Sunday and I believe it will become incredibly helpful to all Indiana as we move closer to the Indiana State Championships in late February. The teams who have a purple marking are ranked in the top 12 skills scores in the state, no matter if they have secured a spot in state or not. The teams highlighted in dark green, have already secured a spot in state through a local tournament. The teams in light green fall within the state qualifications, if the regular season ended today. This is just a test run and if you have any ideas on how we could improve it, please let me know!

You can access the spreadsheet(through Google) here.

Thanks everybody! Good luck with the remainder of the season!

Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: what about if you’re blue? I noticed you didn’t say anything about it but us, Heritage Christian and 323Y are all highlighted with blue… your teams are highlighted red too… hhhmmmmmm

Thanks david, just a few days ago I did all of this by hand to show our y team that they had a good chance of making it to state through skills. Glad I won’t have to go through that process again later in the season.

Nice, thanks for sharing this

It looks like he is highlighting teams from the same organization the same color, so that it is easier to find your organization’s teams on the list. Not sure why we are highlighted the same color as cornerstone though. Must have been a mistake.

Did you do this by hand, or did you pull data from vexdb?

As much as I love programming…I am not educated enough to program with the VEX DB API. I did it by hand and I update it by hand. However, this is the next step for the spreadsheet. If you have any tips or know how to do this…please PM me! I would be so appreciative.

Ah, ok. I was hoping that I could be lazy and just change the region to Arizona.

Once I figure out how to use the API…I will then try to create something where you could just simply choose the region. But I have to learn first.

In the mood to update this? My student are pretty sure they’re in, but it would ease their mind.

if you get on robot events and in 1 tab have the indiana skills list and in another tab have the state tournament up you can just compare lists and count down to your teams taking out all the teams that are signed up for state. I looked at it real quick and it looks like your X team has a fairly good shot of getting in(I don’t know, I was only excluding teams I could remember had qualified).
Does anyone know when their planning to start sending out invites to the teams that are getting in from skills???

Wish I had the time to update it. 8123X will certainly get in through their 38 skills score. 8123A will not as I believe 21 will be the minimum for a high school team, while 18 is the minimum for a middle school team. Indiana State VEX requires 8 middle school teams to be present at the tournament so it will always be that way. 8123X is practically a guarantee at this point.

Invites should start coming in the next week as I understand it. Again, 8123X is definitely in. 182C is also a definite.

I spent some time updating the spreadsheet to get it up to date. I might have missed a few things, but I think it is mostly accurate as far as the cutoff goes.

@Michael Nutt Looks like skills scores from over the weekend aren’t current still on your copy.

I dread the idea of making a robotevents scraper, but that might be a project for this summer if nobody beats me to it. At least for this purpose. Vexdb is awesome.

I’ve been experimenting the VEXdb stuff for the past few weeks and I plan to get a version out before the beginning of next year.

Make sure you take into account that there NEEDS to be at least 8 middle school teams in, even if they have a lower skills score than the upper school.

Why does out say at the bottom of the spreadsheet “Within rage of world qualification” for the skills, the pink labels?

I haven’t updated the skills scores of all the teams qualified for state, just the ones who still aren’t qualified.

I didn’t know that was a thing. Are there even 8 middle school teams in Indiana?

Where did you get that there is a minimum of 8 middle school teams this year? Nothing was said at the EP meeting about that for this year.

By the way, there are 5 teams already registered for state that are middle school teams. 2567K makes it 6. 775Z has a score of 32 and they would be the 7th. 2567D has a score of 24 and 1192X has a score of 23 and that would be 9 middle school teams.

There will be four additional teams with lower skills rankings that make it, so even if it is a thing this year that 8 middle school teams must be in the state tournament, it will not make any difference.

By my calculations, 20101A will be the lowest team in skills rankings that is guaranteed a spot. 621A is the next on the list. That is assuming the 1 week deadline to sign up is enforced. If not, then it could be that 2567B will be the last team in and 621A will be the 2nd team on the wait list.