Indiana State Elimination Rounds - Video

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I know I can’t reach out to all the teams filmed in the elimination rounds so I’ll post it here.

If you aren’t from Indiana and you want to see good action go watch the last three videos, it was one of the hardest fought battles I’ve seen waged with vex hardware. Also 1483B basically solo carries in semi final 2-1 and the quarter finals between 1st seed and 8th seed went to four matches, good stuff.



Thanks for posting. I will check them out.


Thank you for posting!

I just posted match 3 without seeing this. Time to delete that thread oops

leave it, that match was unreal

Already deleted it oops. It was in fact legendary. That’s what worlds matches will be like.

legen… wait for it


When 1483B soloed the number 2 alliance in the semifinals, overcoming an autonomous loss and a high hanging bot I was very impressed. A great tourney overall. BTW, what was wrong with 323Y earlier in the day, and how did they fix it?

I don’t think pig pen actually achieved the high hang or we might have lost.

They were having technical issues unknown to me, they were however running on one of our Cortexes at the end of the day so we had hardware on each side of the finals :slight_smile:

I love that about VEX. We’ve had that happen a few times as well. Normally, it’s our side giving the parts and assistance. At least once this year, though, we were helped by a hardware loan from a team we faced in the elimination rounds.

I’ll always be the group that is willing to loan our stuff, because one day it may be us that needs help.

Not sure 323Y was actually having connection issues. After talking with one of the dads, it sounds more like tripping PTC on the cortex or power expander. At least that was a problem they were having earlier. Re-balancing the wiring will go a long way to solving those issues.

323Y was having Lift malfunctions. drive was never a problem during their debugging.

Okay he deleted it.

what was said
“Although the finals matches were quite exciting, please understand that all three of the robots on the first ranked alliance were having intermittent problems. Riot struggled with their drive base dying, flux capacitors had connection and drive base problems, and brain blast had lift problems. If all teams on that alliance were at full power I can imagine that the ending score would have been much different.”

splitting up the power expanders to balance power consumption is a big strategy to try and not trip PTC, I agree. I know a lot of teams learned that the hard way.

The best teams are consistent and reliable.

While this is true, I wouldn’t say that about the last three matches. the 1st seed had issues in the QFs and SFs, but ran as well as they have all year in the finals. They killed it in the First match and had an incredible rally in the third. We at 1483 have a lot of respect for the members of that alliance so i’m not going to pick apart some random persons unfounded excuses for an incredible group of students. That final match could have gone either way and was one of the most evenly matched Finals i have witnessed. I prefer to leave it at that out of respect for the students that competed.

If we’re pointing out consistency 323YY has consistently had problems when it mattered costing them a win at Heritage Christian and Park Tudor. We also had problems at Park Tudor but found a simple way to fix ours for the state event. We also had problems during the semi final matches at state with our claw deploy. I personaly worked almost non stop from the end of semifinals to the begining of finals to fix this problem and was successful. Everyone has problems, it’s about when they happen and how easy they are to fix. No one alliance in those finals matches was better than the other. They were two very evenly matched alliances. The attitude of belittling the winner has got to stop in Indiana. I have had this problem myself but have gotten over it, i respect both alliances in every tournament match, especially at that hgher level. Apl of the students on all 6 of the teams in those finals matches were incredible and gad out in lots of hard work to make evenly matched robots.

We also had drive base problems in the finals matches from aggressive driving. Taking a bot outside into the cold for as long as you can between matches is a good helping hand. It’s worked more than once for us. And dividing current over cortex PTC’s is very important in a competitive robot, ours are spread quite evenly and we still have problems on ocassion.

When you play at that level, stuff breaks. Its about engineering fail safes and praying it doesn’t happen in the 2 minutes that matter. No-one and I mean no-one is immune to that. Go watch the Worlds final match from 2011, the robot that was generally considered the best in the world fell over in his autonomous routine, no one made excuses for them, they congratulated the winners. And I want to be very very clear we have felt nothing but mutual respect from the 1st seed alliance before and after Saturday and we look forward to collaborating with them in the future, we don’t have time to be petty or build up a rivalry we’d prefer that we all maintain a professional relationship. I think this is a case of outsiders looking in commentating on a situation they know very little about.