Indiana State Vex Robotics League announced!!!!

Fellow Vex Robotics teams,

We are Purdue University’s Association of Computer Machinery Special Interest group in Robotics, or Boiler Robotics for short. We are hosting the first and only Indiana Robotics League this year. The league runs differently than single day competitions. The robotics league takes place over four competitions throughout the year, the first three competitions are used to rank teams and the fourth is an elimination tournament. This allows teams to have the opportunity to play in ten or more matches during the league, and more matches means more preparation and more fun for the teams. These events will be shorter more relaxed than single day tournaments. The competitions are spaced to allow teams to have time to make improvements on their robot, and not rely on quick changes in the pits. The other big difference between the league and a single day tournament is that teams will only choose one alliance partner instead of two after qualifying matches have ended. They will also have their alliance partner before the day of finals, giving that alliance time to strategize for the upcoming events. Boiler Robotics members will also be hosting workshops for the team member and their mentor after the conclusion of each qualification tournament. Topics include Autodesk Inventor, RobotC, and easyC. These would take place after competition has ended that day, and are optional to attend. If you have any questions about the league format or about our club at Purdue, feel free to respond to this thread.

The tournament dates and workshop schedule are as follows:
11/5/2011 – Qualification Tournament 1 & Autodesk Inventor Workshop
1/14/2012 – Qualification Tournament 2 & Introduction to RobotC Workshop
2/11/2012 – Qualification Tournament 3, alliance selection & debugging in EasyC workshop
2/25/2012 – League Final

Is this a VEX competition?

We have 3 teams from Greenwood IN.

It sounds cool.

Click here to check out our website.

Yes this is an official Vex competition, we will be qualifying 3 teams for the World Championships.

Thanks! Just wondering…