Indianapolis Grant Program

I just saw a link to a grant page for Indianapolis.

What is this? Is this discounted products just for Indianapolis?

Maybe I should have waited to order some stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Did we get the grant because we have a lot of teams around the Indianapolis Area?

I saw the page on the navigation bar of the site, too. I’m a student, so I left the page alone, intending to show it to my coach later. Then, about ten minutes later, it disappeared. I’m not quite sure what that was all about…

It’s still there. It’s right under the Home and Products page. Hopefully one of the VEX Staff can answer this :slight_smile:

I saw that link a few days ago… got me excited, since it said

but then i realized… i dont live in marion county… nor did i apply(or even hear about this):frowning:

Hahaha… Where do you live?

Do you know what this is?

It’s not there for me. Perhaps it went away because I didn’t order anything. It also seems odd that it would appear to me, since I’m all the way up in Michigan. The RECF is offering a grant for middle school teams up here, but 7581H isn’t a middle school team, and Indianapolis isn’t in Michigan.

It seems awfully sketchy… I hope someone didn’t hack the VEX servers and put it there as a scam or something.

Nope, nothing sketchy.
Just part of a grant package we did for the REC Foundation. It mistakenly went live for the whole website. Oops!


I’m going to bookmark this thread for those frustrating moments when I just feel like throwing the robot into the pool… That was perfect

Florida… not even in the same state lol


I have four teams in the Indianapolis area, where can I get more information about the grant?


You need to contact your REC Foundation regional manager. You can always find the rep for your region by looking at “contact us” on Robot Events ( The direct link to the territory map is

Thanks, I’ll check with Mike.