Individual 393 motor parts

In addition to the full motor refirb kit, how about selling individual motor gears, in 6-packs or 12-packs, for large teams who do motor repairs.

I’d buy complete power wires (with plug, choke, and strain relief) to solder directly to the pcb too, if they were available (but I don’t see this happening because of R15)

I second this!

They should have the motor wire be able to be detatchable from the motor(Like a 2 pin port for a 2 pin wire), so if the wire breaks, you can order new ones for that motor…
And I agree to this also.

+1 I have 5 refurb kits right now all for the same weak gear. 3 unused that all go in a bin with tons others just like them.


The individual motor gears would be amazing as only one gear repeatedly breaks for us.