Individual match videos

Individual match videos are beginning to come out by Cut to the Bot Videos on Youtube.


Day 1 (Thursday) High School - Science Division Posted:


That’s amazing. Will you do IQ as well?

Some more videos:

Arts: 2017 VRC Arts Q1 - 1893D 8926 vs 2919A 3815A - 35 to 13 - YouTube

Engineering: 2017 VRC Engr Q1 - 4305A 8283A vs 1596B 109A - 35 to 16 - YouTube

Sadly I’ve hit the quota for uploads in YouTube’s API, which appears to be around 100 videos - so that’s all I can upload for today (I have a few hundred already queued up). This wasn’t there last year - I could upload 500+ videos a day with no problem.

I’ve applied for a “YouTube Data Quota extension”.
You’d figure that if Google was a sponsor for VEX Worlds… :wink:

And yes, the plan is to do all the IQ videos, like in:
2015 - 2015 VEXIQ Elem Q371 - (7020A 4422B) 79 - VEX-IQ Elementary School-VEX Worlds 2015 - YouTube
2016 - VEX Worlds 2016 - VEXIQ Middle School - Science - Qual 101 (10099J 10700C) 144 - YouTube

All Playlists here:

All videos are tagged with the VEX_(team number) - for easy searching.

…and have a little patience… :wink:

Holy cow! I don’t know you, but this is fantastic! I’m looking forward to seeing our matches pop up. I know this is a ton of work. Thanks again!

Definitely, but it is an automated process (I believe?) So no one is doing this all by hand. Quite a lot of effort, though, so I’m certainly grateful.

Thanks so much for doing this. Just wondering, how did you get the match videos for the rest of the days? Last time I checked, there were only two videos available on the robotevents stream page for Science, and they only covered Thursday(which you already uploaded) and part of Saturday.

The process is highly automated, but not fully.
Always looking for ways to speed it up, and improve the overall process.
Still need to scan through every match, but do so very quickly.
Nothing is ever typed in again - the info is all embedded in the json on their RobotEvents webpage.
Lots of batch processing: download, scan, encode, and upload. Repeat for thousands of matches.

So glad that it helps people quickly re-live their VEX Worlds moments.
Make it easy and useful, and people will use it.

If you want a particular video, you can send the VEX folks an email, and they’ll work towards getting it uploaded. Earlier this week, I noticed 12 videos missing across all the 2017 events, I sent them a note, and they got a bunch put up immediately, and the rest will get posted over the next few weeks.

Awesome. This is exactly what I was looking for. Our team attended for the first time ever (MS Opportunity) and I was disappointed that RECF didn’t have an option for purchasing this. Thanks again and I’ll look forward to seeing our pop up!

Hi Jonathans,

Just got 99 VEX IQ Elementary School games up across all 4 divisions.
Should have 99 VEX IQ Middle School up tonight (if Google will let me).


thanks. we are actually a VRC middle school team and I already found a few. Soooo much better than what I have on my phone from the stands. looking forward to the rest of them popping up.

How is the progress going with every video?

More coming? I just want to make sure before I bug VEX… thanks again!

Were you actually able to film every single match? (That’s pretty amazing) or are you done uploading HS videos?

He is chopping up the match videos from the Vex stream. So he did not have to record anything himself.

@Cut to the Bot when might you be finishing vexu qualifications. People have been asking me about it.

Oooh okay fancy, thanks!

Blink 1x if you are still working on these videos. Blink 2x if you are finished and no more will be posted.

Still waiting for the rest of the MS Opportunity Division. Thanks!

Thank you so much for putting in your time to do this, it’s very exciting to be able to relive our matches from Worlds! Keep up the good work!

Will any more videos from the MS Opportunity division be posted? Asking for a friend. :slight_smile: