Indy Autonomous Challenge

For those high school seniors in VRC who are thinking about college next year, this looks like an interesting competition format to consider: Universities Will Race Autonomous Cars On Indianapolis Speedway

There’s a VRC Signature event at Indy a couple weeks later with some fantastic VRC teams registered. Great to see the Speedway supporting future technologists!


or… they can consider vexu lol


I have no axe against VEXU nor much experience with it and I would love to see it grow and succeed. That said, based on RobotEvents, there are 43 registered VEXU teams compared to nearly 5000 registered VRC high school teams, so there’s definitely some reason for the fall-off.

I don’t know that these Indy cars have more or less participants than VEXU; my view is that there are probably a fair number of college club-level activities that provide both the competitive aspect of VRC but with more direct-to-industry experiences. It’s also been a while since I’ve been in college or done college new-hire recruiting, which one can use to size the grain of salt with which to take my opinion.

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