Indy competion

did anyone go to the Indianapolis competition we were there and we dominated
the competition, came in 1st we were 72b should have pics shortly

That competition was amazing. Team Polvex’s alliance (Polvex, 72b, 72a) made it all the way to the tournament (6th place in qualifying matches after some problems) and won, it was unbelivable :smiley: I would like to thank the efforts of both alliance partners and all of the organizers and refs there. We had some trouble in our first qualifying match with programming (robotC…) but with the help from the field competition personel we were able to figure out a solution and make things work. So now all that is left are the modifications for the Omaha and Dallas competition.

Congrats to all teams on a job well done and to all organizers at Indianapolis for a great event.


yeah, i was there
i was with the less sucessful 72c, i think we will be over our problems with in the next couple of weeks however

no we dominated but we lost because of the pedestals

72c was not very successful

I was there with 1990a (Rage with the Machine). We came in with no autonomous code, and a robot that didn’t work very well. Right after the first match we decided that the concept was flawed and switched over to a twist tie sweeper for the low goal so we could at least help our alliance members. Toward the very end we finally got the bot working to the point were we could develop some code. We were done with the code after the 4th match, and since our 5th match was canceled we never got to try it out. It was funny however, that many of the bots were very over complicated and top heavy. We only saw a few matches in witch the bonus cube or the platform was even attempted for. When I took my turn piloting, realizing that the robot was hopeless, I flipped the cube and made it to the pedestal. Props go out to our sister team, 1990b( Debatably Anonymous) for coming in confident but not making to many points either. Toward the end, we just started working on the 1990b bot.

Was anybody there for the Top it Off event a few weeks ago? Were you at Elevation?

i believe now that we have a good start for our next attempt, and will do our other two teams some of the things they might not be able to.

we have a plan to build a perfect robot, but will need some help

Awesome name.

Sorry, just now realized, we were 1090A not 1990A, sorry about any confusion

It was a good event. Good luck to the Omaha and Dallas qualifying teams!

I got totally screwed. I had 6 drive motors which aparently is too much for the micro controller to handle led the tech guys to advise me to get the power extender which is in the rules but cannot be found anywhere for purchase, but thats a whole other thread. I still scored 25 pts in the first two matches which was only enough to win one. I had a long enough break to drop two motors, step down the gearing, and put in a new controller. With this much slower yet more reliable setup i scored 30 pts in the last two matches which was only enough to win one. At this point with my 2-2 record my alliance partners scored a grand total of 1 cube for all of the qualifying rounds. Then i ended up in the 7th finals alliance. With maybe 3 cubes total of help from my partners (who were somehow ranked ahead of me!!!) we upset the #2 alliance and won the first semfinals match. In the second two semis matches my partners failed to even move!!! I couldnt be everywhere at once so we lost two straigh. I was very disapointed and only found relief in the fact that there are 3 more competitions for my to qualify in. I feel that i certainly had a top 4 scoring bot there and simply got screwed with bad alliances. Sorry to vent all over this thread, but has anyone else managed to get this kind of failure from their partners?

One thing you need to remember is that this kind of criticism doesn’t help. Just saying that your partners sucked doesn’t make them any better. Did you talk to your partner before the match? Did you make a plan that would play to each robot’s strengths? Did you discuss what happened after the match? One of the things that I always tried to do after a VRC or FTC match was discuss with our partner what happened. Maybe we lost, I would then try to figure out with them why we lost. Maybe our robot didn’t work or maybe it was theirs either way then I would work with that team to resolve the problem so that whoever we or they were paired with next hopefully wouldn’t run into the same problem.

I’ll tell you the same thing I tell my students, sometimes things go your way and sometimes they don’t.

The measure of a team is how they handle themselves through it all. We emphasize “professionalism” as our ultimate ideal. We will behave in a professional manner at the event. We will work as professionals as we accomplish our goals, and everyone on the team will do their job. We do everything we can to ensure success, and we don’t sweat the things we can’t control. At the end of the event regardless of the outcome, we try to continue to act as professionals – with grace. There is always another event, there is always another year, and there are always lessons to be learned.

To answer your question… yes, I’ve been at events where my team lost a match because of the actions of my alliance partners. I’ve also been at events where my alliance partners have lost matches because of my team.

You should figure out why you’re asking this question. Honestly, the way you posted above does not reflect well on you, or your team. If you’re just looking to complain, I don’t know what to tell you…

Good Luck at your next event. Hopefully things will fall your way.

Sorry john, I respect your reply. I didnt mean to sound so negative. I’m the only person on my team and ive only got this year to get it right. I certainly did not voice anything negative to my partners or another team at the time. I suppose i was looking for a a soapbox. I’m just upset that i worked so hard to get let down. I wont let this be the place to vent anymore. I hope the next competition goes much better.

I was at the Indy competition as well as you and i was in the finals against 72b and 72a I do not believe that you “dominated” the competition as much as you may imply because even though you did win, not to make excuses but you know as well as i do that the blue side had problems throughout the course of the competition and the tower had even been replaced. This was a good competition thats all i have to say. I do not believe however that you “dominated”

does anyone had this power problem too? 6 motors for drive are too much for one battery?

so u believe that we didn’t dominate huh? well than the blue side DID NOT HAVE ANY PROBLEMS!!! We played on that side several times and had no problems with at all… im tired of people saying that was the reason they lost stop making up excuses…and yes we did dominate :eek:

So exactly what do you mean be dominate? Undefeated by a ten point spread?

John V-N gave you a very nice response.

I’d just add that this is what I see:

  1. You started off with a robot that was probably geared too high, the motors drew too much current, and you had issues with the computer resetting due to low voltage. (You didn’t give details, but this is what it sounds like.)

  2. You worked like mad to fix this during a tournament.

  3. Your revised robot worked well enough to get you into the semis, even with what you think were weak alliance partners.

Sounds like you had a really good day. Congratulations! Work out the kinks and do better at the next one. A lot of folks didn’t make it into eliminations at all, and probably worked just as hard as you did. Learn your lessons, change some robot features and procedures, and try it again.

This is my fifth season as a mentor, and the students I work with have built two FRC, four FVC, and eight FTC robots in that time. Despite lots of those 14 robots being successful on the field, we’ve never won a tournament. That’s how it goes in competition, you need preparation, planning, and a little bit of things falling your way to win it all.

If you need to complain and vent, talk to your Mom. On the Vex forums, be a professional. You’ll feel better, and you’ll get a lot more respect.

If you built and competed that robot yourself you have a lot to be proud of. Enjoy your success.

pretty much the only match we lost was because our bot kicked into autonomous mode and flipped over and that match we only lost by 3. one quarter final match we won 63-3 most our matches were like that…so ya