Inefficiencies of No Lift "Traybot"

My idea was to make a no lift “traybot” that would use two rollers similar to those in toss up to intake the balls. I realized that this design would not be “efficient” strategically because to outake a ball out the back you would have to intake one. With the limited amount of balls, you would mess up rows just to get rid of the your balls. I thought that you could have conveyors running along the side of the first stage, this would be fine but the capacity would only be two balls since they’re so large. I am currently opposed to having a lift because it would take too much time repeatedly to raise and lower the lift to intake and outake balls. Any thoughts?

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When brainstorming in our team (51747E) We thought maybe having the intake belts go up the whole bot so you could push it out the top even with one ball. Even though that’s not the design we are going with I think that could help you. :blush:

So a hood bot? Whatever they’re called. Those work

I’ve seen the hood/snail bot and I think it’s a great design but I don’t want to “put all my eggs in one basket”, I think we need a variety of robot ideas. Maybe the traybot idea isn’t viable anymore though.

I have been working with the newbies, as I graduate this year. The robot I’m helping build is going to have horizontal intakes leading to a chute that will be fired out of a flywheel. This design allows you to grab balls that you can later use. You can also grab balls while scoring at the same time.

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So a flywheel hoodbot?

This style robot has existed for a long time. And it seems from this game, with similarly sized objects you could hold a lot more than 2 balls.

(they had a piston lift for when they were scoring on 30" goals but that part obviously you wouldnt need)


this type design is very simple so I expect to see a lot of beginner teams with this. which is good, it gives them an approach that will allow them to do ok competitively, while still have a very simple robot. Unlike TT where a traybot was often very difficult for new teams to make.

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