Inertial, GPS or Motor Position

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I was wondering what is considered to be most accurate when determining the heading of the robot; an inertial sensor, GPS or the average position of the motors on each side of the drive train. Obviously when using the GPS sensor there is a blind spot when driving around the edge of the field but I was just curious what other teams have found works best. Also, I was curious on how you would calculate the angle of the robot based on the motor position of both sides of the drivetrain. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as this is my first year in the vex environment and am still getting used to it.

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The inertial sensor and GPS sensor are probably the most reliable. I want to preface this with saying I haven’t used the GPS sensor but it seems to be very reliable with xy position and heading. However I have lots of experience with the inertial sensor and can tell you it does a great job with rotation and heading. Although for the best results you would probably want to use a combination of both or just take the average position of both sensors.