Inertial Sensor and Premade Drivetrain

Hello guys, I need help with some concepts regarding the inertial sensor.
I wanted to use some commands to make the drivetrain turn 90 degrees with the inertial sensor; however, my drive train is in a smart Drive group more specifically the drivetrain was created at the devices section (ex… Drivetrain. spinFor), and the line of code requires the drivetrain to have two separate motors. So, the question is. Does my drivetrain work with the lines of code?
I’ll leave the code below and any help will be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

I’m using (vex text pro)


Yes, the concept is correct in general.

However you cannot mix and match controlling motors individually and with drivetrain class.

See this topic for explanation of the differences between drivetrain and smartdrive classes:

Also, here is the API fir the smartdrive class:

Finally, if you choose not to use smartdrive with its built-in PID, here is a PID tutorial: