Inertial sensor autonomous problem

My problem is about Inertial sensor I tried to make turns with degrees coming from Inertial sensor but I cant make it after a few hours my friends found some stuff and we make it. we made a drivetrain with 3 axis gyro from the coding part. ın block codes ıt can get ınertial sensor degrees and does perfectly but when it comes to text based coding it fails the code it makes a movement which is not expacted can some one help me???

What specifically is going wrong. Is it driving straight while turning, is it not hitting the desired angle, just saying

isn’t an adequate description.

when I started code it turns to direction but it moves like an eliptical orbit not turning around

Sounds like you only have one motor turning, instead of both motors/motor groups moving in opposite directions.

Post the code and folks can take a look at it to give you feedback.