Inertial Sensor Drift?

I made a program that prints the Z axis rotation of my teams gyroscope. I then let the robot sit still for a while, the rotation value keeps increasing, from -0.06 to -0.12 now it’s at -0.28 and it just keeps increasing. Is this an issue with mounting? Is this even a problem? My teammate said these are small values so we shouldn’t worry, but I’m worried why does it keep increasing? As I wrote this it increased to -0.8.

Should we try a different gyro?

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Gyros will drift some over time, usually this is not a big problems because it is very small and happens over a long enough time where it doesn’t matter for the auton period, or skills. From my experience that ammount of gyro drift is normal and not a problem.


Less than one degree of drift over what, 2, 3 minutes? Is honestly really good. We have had similar drift with our gyros.

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Interesting reads on sources of error for gyros:

Its important to remember that, as best we can tell, we do not live in a simulation and that sensors have both systematic and random sources of error.


you can also try factory resetting the imu…