Inertial Sensor Failure

When I try to get my BaseBot to move left, it just keeps spinning infinitely. When connected to the controller, I can control and move my bot, but as soon as I tell it to turn left it does not stop.

I re-calibrated the controller, however the heading is stuck at 0 (on the inertial sensor devices screen) no matter which way i rotate it.

float myVariable;

int whenStarted1() {
  while (BrainInertial.isCalibrating()) { task::sleep(50); }
  Drivetrain.driveFor(forward, 300.0, mm);
  wait(0.5, seconds);
  Drivetrain.turnFor(left, 90.0, degrees);
  wait(0.5, seconds);
  Drivetrain.driveFor(forward, 300.0, mm);
  return 0;

int main() {
  // Calibrate the Drivetrain Gyro


**when I re-calibrate the 2nd gen brain, not the controller

One thing to be aware of, by default “left” is opposite for Gen 2 compared to Gen 1.

There is a way to override it to report i the same way as Gen 1, I will have to dig it out of my code later.

Not sure why it would show stuck at zero on the devices page; does it happen without any program running, and after pulling the battery for a minute and then reinserting?

Interesting that it’s opposite.

Yes, it stays at 0 even after re-inserting the battery with no code running. Rotating the brain at all on a flat service has no effect. Strangely, holding the brain vertically and tilting it (ex: 45 degrees clockwise) causes the heading to increase continually while it is not moving (ex: it will climb from 0-> 180 without any movement).

I would look up how to do a “deep calibration”. Pretty sure there was a topic here in the forums at one point, or there’s a KB article on it. If I weren’t in the middle of making dinner I’d look for it. :sweat_smile:

Thank you, have a good dinner!

I followed the deep calibration instructions from the VEX website (using the link below), but am still getting the 0 heading issue.

Sounds like it’s time to email support. :confused:

Roger that. Thanks for your time!

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