Inertial sensor programming

If I set up an inertial sensor when setting up the drivetrain in the robot configuration menu, is there any additional coding to get robot to turn accurately or is it done automatically if set up with the drivetrain.

In order to utilise an inertial sensor to correct turning, additional programming must be done. It’s not automatically set up with installation. You have to do additional coding.


Where would I find the additional programming?

I don’t think you can find it anywhere, but you can definitely program it yourself. :grin:


What I meant by that was where can I learn what needs to be done to get the inertial sensors to work.

For that, I would recommend Vex Doxygen for the sensor commands and stuff (like calibrate sensor, get a sensor reading, all that jazz) and for tutorials you can try YouTube (but I don’t think there’s that many there). If you get stuck while programming or have a specific question, VEXforum’s a great place to PM someone or make a topic with your question.

I hope that helps! :smiley:


These topics have helpful discussion:

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